Molly Mills, 11, leads Cody, a 12-year-old American quarter horse, out of the barn to take a client on a trail ride at Mountaintop Ranch in Page County, Va., Feb. 18, 2018. Mountaintop Ranch Trails is a family business, with 22 horses, run by married couple Karla and Chris Mills and their four children help out caring for the horses and assist in trail rides as well. (Nikki Fox/Daily News-Record via AP)

The caption for an otherwise picturesque photograph package headlined “Saddled up” in the Feb. 21 Metro section contained far too much personal information about the subjects’ sexual relationships.

Granted, it may be newsworthy that the ranch mentioned is a “family business,” but what value is there in describing the owners Karla and Chris Mills as a “married couple”?

Would they not be as committed to each other and/or their business if they were “merely” heterosexual partners, same-sex partners, even family members/siblings?

And the caption didn’t stop there. It continued by identifying the ranch clients as Heather Sprague, “beside her boyfriend Jake Morris.” Heaven forbid Sprague would go for a trail ride with a male friend or a female friend or a family member. And if she did, we readers would certainly want those details revealed. Does The Post really think we have such prurient interests that this level of caption detail is relevant?

Ceresa Haney, Falls Church