Regarding Hank Stuever’s May 27 Style review “Nat Geo’s ‘Hot Zone’: Cold action, hot paranoia”:

I applaud National Geographic and its efforts to educate the public about a biological event that snuck into the United States. The biological threat has only grown since this Ebola outbreak in suburban D.C. 30 years ago. Rather than fearmongering, the bipartisan Blue Ribbon Study Panel on Biodefense has examined this and other biological threats and issued specific recommendations to defend the country against diseases that could devastate national and global society.

Americans should have a healthy dose of fear about the spread of extremely dangerous pathogens such as Ebola. They worry about deadly diseases that spread easily and want to see the government learn from the past and take proactive, protective action now. So do we. That’s not paranoia, that’s common sense.

Asha M. George, North Bethesda

The writer is executive director of the Blue Ribbon Study Panel on Biodefense.