Regarding the Dec. 2 front-page article “Mitt’s life post-election? It’s no roller coaster.”:

I voted for Mitt Romney, and I read The Post regularly. After reading this article, which struck me as very critical and personal in nature, I feel the need to remind The Post that Romney is now a private citizen. Yes, he was a presidential candidate, but he did not win the election. It is time to move on and focus coverage on topics that we as a country need to discuss.

Say what you will about Romney, but a presidential race is an extreme and exhausting endeavor. Romney spent years of his life working to better this country, whether you agree or disagree with his ideas. That effort is a personal cost, to him and his family, that he cannot recover, and for which much of this country is grateful. If he would like to now spend time with his family, please let him do so in peace.

Jennifer Sepic, Los Angeles

I was fascinated to read Dana Milbank’s attack on Mitt Romney [“Before he retires, a last public duty for Mitt Romney,” op-ed, Dec. 5]. He finds the former governor’s post-election behavior “small.” Apparently it is reprehensible for Romney to: agree to sit on the board of directors of a friend’s corporation, occupy his house in California, attend a movie, visit Disneyland, plan to use a summer property in New Hampshire, drive a new Audi Q7 and, of course, avoid the press at a lunch with the president. These activities are deplorable, according to Milbank, because Romney should be helping to find a way out of the financial standoff and making his party “unshackle itself from the far right.”

The American people quite recently were offered Romney’s services to deal with the fiscal standoff and many other matters. They chose President Obama instead and will get what they deserve.

The aspersions on Romney’s patriotism are, of course, beneath contempt.

J.L. Smith, Bethesda

Enough already. It’s been a month since the election, and still The Post can’t resist taking more jabs at Mitt Romney. Do we really need to know what a senior strategist on Democratic presidential campaigns thought of Romney’s campaign exit (spoiler alert — he wasn’t impressed) [“Analyzing the whys of winning — and losing,” news, Dec. 4], or read the unsubtle digs to Romney’s wealth in regard to his La Jolla, Calif., “manse” and his new Audi Q7?

Please, give the guy a break. Many people admired the way Romney carried himself with grace and dignity throughout the presidential race — despite the constant barrage of media “haters.” Please go back to writing some real news articles.

Susan Homola, Washington