Eugene Robinson’s May 19 Tuesday Opinion essay, “Trump tugs on Obama’s cape,” touted the misconception promoted by Democratic Party progressives that Hillary Clinton would have beaten President Trump if she had replicated the Obama coalition’s vote from the inner city, college-educated women and young voters. The 2016 results from Pennsylvania don’t support that contention.

In 2016, Ms. Clinton garnered 951,000 votes from Philadelphia and Allegheny County (Pittsburgh), 9,000 more votes than President Barack Obama got from those counties in 2012. In 2016, Ms. Clinton carried the counties around Philadelphia over Mr. Trump by nearly 65,000 more votes than Mr. Obama’s margin over Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

Ms. Clinton matched or surpassed Mr. Obama’s 2012 vote totals in many areas considered to be integral to the Obama coalition groups in Pennsylvania, yet she lost the state. Mr. Obama won in 2012 because he turned out the Democratic base and cut into Republican pluralities of non-urban, non-college-educated white middle-class voters. Mr. Obama ran an inclusive campaign and addressed issues important to all voters.

Though presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden needs the support of minorities, women and young voters, he also needs to bring back into the Democratic fold many so-called Reagan Democrats who voted for former president Bill Clinton and Mr. Obama yet voted for Mr. Trump in 2016. For Mr. Biden to win, Democrats should cease talking about coalitions and run statewide campaigns that speak to all voters both demographically and geographically.

Tom Stillitano, Haymarket