You know what they say about strong economies

Big pinch! Plus: Smarter Democratic spending. Scary-leaky water pipes. The Dominion suit against Fox News isn’t a slam dunk.

By Drew GoinsMarch 27, 2023

Is it finally time for the ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ analogies?

Plus: Republican rivals defending Trump. Xi and Putin play democrat. Journalistic objectivity is good!

By Drew GoinsMarch 24, 2023

This photo captures Afghan girls’ fierce fight for education

Plus: France knows how to protest, but does Israel? Pediatricians are exhausted. An Arizona town tells a national story.

By Drew GoinsMarch 23, 2023

How the pandemic got (some) Americans having more babies

Plus: Bringing back real oversight. How to make Russian sanctions hurt. The beauty of March Madness.

By Drew GoinsMarch 22, 2023

Getting indicted is good now, actually

The thinking goes that Trump’s supporters will rally to his side if he comes under threat, upping his political outlook.

By Drew GoinsMarch 21, 2023

The real ‘territorial dispute’ is what’s going on in the GOP

Plus: Art to celebrate spring, and healing. Making fun of how politicians eat. What “woke” means (nothing).

By Drew GoinsMarch 20, 2023

How are things in Iraq, 20 years post-invasion?

It's a mixed bag. Plus: Reining in algorithms. China’s big diplomatic moves. Should the banks fail or not?

By Drew GoinsMarch 17, 2023

A Swiss bank is in trouble. So is a Swiss cheese.

Plus: U.S. softening on China. Authoritarian abuse in Saudi Arabia. Tim Scott for president?

By Drew GoinsMarch 16, 2023

How to kick coal and finally start living the good life

Change the mindset, change the climate. Plus: Banks as babies. ‘Trump 2.0’ border policies. A Biden primary challenge.

By Drew GoinsMarch 15, 2023

What happens when you find Abe Lincoln’s hair in your basement?

Or a chief justice's bladder stones? Plus: Russia’s population crisis. Guatemala’s crackdown on journalism. The bad ‘bootstrap’ narrative.

By Drew GoinsMarch 14, 2023

Can’t get customer support on the phone? You’re not alone.

Press 1 for a better future. Plus: Art by AI. Census manipulation. How to make headway on climate.

By Drew GoinsMarch 13, 2023

These Oscars are a breakthrough for Asians. Especially ‘weird Asians.’

A round of hot-dog finger applause. Plus: Putin’s backstory. The national debt. A one-woman book ban.

By Drew GoinsMarch 10, 2023

Fox News’s no-good, very bad week

Tucker can turn things around. Plus: Medicaid for food? Weaning off China. Democracy’s comeback tour.

By Drew GoinsMarch 9, 2023

Hold your horses on the lab-leak theory. Let’s talk animal spillover.

Plus: Peruvian politics. The economy’s blinking red light. Woke words.

By Drew GoinsMarch 8, 2023

CPAC is 100 percent not cursed

No curse! Plus: Surprise civility at a school board, the mythic working-class vote and constraints on comedy these days.

By Drew GoinsMarch 7, 2023