Regarding the Sept. 17 op-ed piece “Targeting campus drinking”:

Jim Yong Kim, the president of Dartmouth College, stated, “The rate of student alcohol abuse has remained unchanged for 30 years.” He and his colleagues at prestigious institutions of higher learning are perplexed and troubled by this information and are working to reduce alcohol consumption by college students. Yet, given that the legal drinking age is 21, approximately three-quarters of college students are breaking the law when they drink alcohol.

How many students would need to be arrested, expelled and not have their tuition refunded before their peers would get the message that illegal behavior will not be tolerated?  

While Mr. Kim and his colleagues are concerned about excessive drinking among college students, it appears that they are not bothered by underage drinking. They just don’t want it to go too far. It’s a bit like ignoring petty theft but being startled when it escalates to armed robbery.

Susan Gerson, Kensington