So the Washington Redskins had another lousy season. So what? This is entertainment. From the reporting of the past few months, however, one would think a great plague has befallen our city. It’s time to put Redskin Nation in proper perspective.

Given the solemn faces of the coach, the owner and other team officials appearing in the local press these days and the dire stories that have been reported since the team’s eight-game losing streak began, one would think we were witnessing the Bataan death march.

In reference to the Dan Snyder era, Thomas Boswell [“Redskins seem intent on testing the limits of a city’s devotion,” front page, Dec. 31] called it an “embarrassment” to the city. In fact, this is no embarrassment to the city. A 20 percent poverty rate in the District, with more than one out of every three children living in poverty, is an embarrassment. That a handful of millionaires lost a few football games brings no shame. It’s hardly the “cruel, interminable process” that Mr. Boswell bemoaned. Again, this is entertainment.

From my perspective, if sports is your thing, life is pretty good in the District. I grew up in Cleveland and have maintained my allegiances to North Coast teams. The last time a team in a major sport brought home a championship was 1964, when the Browns upset the highly favored Baltimore Colts, 27-0.

Gregory D. Squires, Washington