Is it funny to muse about killing politicians with a drone, as was done in the March 15 installment of “Prickly City”? I don’t think so. It could get you arrested, not paid and published.

Brad Knopf, Annapolis

Considering the content of the recent “Prickly City” comic strips, especially from March 13 through 15, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to run it on the editorial page? The strip strongly advocated electing to Congress people who would overturn “Obamacare.”

George Usher, Silver Spring

The comic strip “Prickly City” has now descended from vile to unprintable to unspeakable. Calling the U.S. president a “giant poopburger” [March 15] should not be permitted in a newspaper, not even on the comics page. Even if the cartoonist was referring to the president’s policies, which I very much doubt (after all, President Obama’s picture was right under the words), this is still inappropriate language.

Then on March 18, the strip advocated that young people should “refuse to pay for their deficit.” In a democracy, you don’t choose what you pay for; you pay for what your elected officials vote for. To call on people not to do so comes close to treason or rebellion.

This kind of talk goes far beyond the limits of political disagreement.

Rodney Brooks, Silver Spring