Regarding the May 7 Metro article “Fairfax schools weigh transgender protections”:

I predict that we will look back on our treatment of members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities and be as embarrassed and chagrined as when we now look back to our treatment of African Americans 50 years ago.

Andrea Lafferty, president of the Traditional Values Coalition , was quoted as saying that transgender expression “really is an act of self hatred” and used the term “she-males.” Really?

Let’s be tolerant and inclusive of those who have different lives from our own; otherwise we are doomed to repeat the horrific examples of oppression from the past regarding religion and race. Bigotry and hatred still exist, but the target has changed. Who will be next?

Sherry Keenan, Fairfax

The foremost responsibility of Fairfax County Public Schools is to ensure a safe learning and teaching environment for its students and staff. If the comments of the Traditional Values Coalition, as expressed by its president, Andrea Lafferty, regarding transgender students are any indication, the hatred toward such students and staff members is alive and well. That is even more reason for the Fairfax County School Board to add the words “gender identity” to its nondiscrimination policy.

Claire O’Dwyer Randall, Springfield