Gerry Ridgeway’s view of pedestrian safety [letters, Jan. 15] was far too narrow. Pedestrians do not just cross streets; they walk along them. My dog and I walk a great deal in North Arlington, where, in general, there are sidewalks, and in adjacent Fairfax County, where, in general, there are none. We walk on the left side of such roads, facing traffic — a rule many folks we encounter do not seem to know.

Even so, because the roads are just barely two lanes wide, it is useful to be able to hear vehicles approaching from behind. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood’s observation about hybrid cars being too quiet is a point well made. I hope automobile manufacturers find a satisfactory way to make such vehicles more audible. Beneficiaries will be not just pedestrians on streets without sidewalks but also blind pedestrians who may depend on hearing traffic to know when vehicles are close to them.

Sara F. Anderson, Arlington