The coverage of the shooting on the 300 block of Franklin Street NE left out significant details [“Three juveniles, 3 men shot, wounded,” Local Digest, May 10]. It was a beautiful spring night at a popular local park that is central to a vibrant community and diverse neighborhood in the District.

When the shooting occurred, hundreds of children were on the playground. They were playing basketball, doing homework and unwinding from a long school day before the sun went down. I am a teacher at a public charter school in the neighborhood. Dozens of my students were playing basketball at the park. Many nearby charter schools have sports practice at this park, and the Boys & Girls Clubs take children there to play. When the shots were fired, Imagine Hope Community Charter School was finishing soccer practice. A student’s shoulder was narrowly missed by a bullet; he dropped his English homework and school supplies on the ground, and they now are in police custody as evidence.

Was this event so insignificant that it had to be rolled into coverage of another shooting in an entirely different area of the city?

It is not until we start covering these incidents for what they are — shooting into an open park, a true tragedy effecting hundreds of children — that we will honor the trauma our children are dealing with every day.

Anna Salzberg, Washington