Almost nothing emerging from the radical right surprises me, but the Jan. 27 news article “Trump adviser’s prayer reverberates” spotlighting Pastor Paula White’s call for “satanic pregnancies” to be terminated by miscarriages was beyond alarming.

Even before I read her disclaimer — that it was only a metaphor — I did not believe she advocated selective abortions for wicked women. Nor did I imagine she believed in men on a mission from the devil to populate the world with hellacious spawn.

Rather, using this phrase to demean and diminish the shrinking supply of holiness in this world compromises her last claim to dignity.

Ms. White, in her own context, has taken the most profane notion and attached it to the most sacred of roles in society — one she herself promotes and protects. She did not blurt out a couple of words unintentionally; the video shows her reading and expanding on the metaphor from a prepared text. Wherever and however she juxtaposed ultimate evil with nascent life, she has provided a window into her willingness literally to demonize others over disagreement. I need not share her theology to understand how contemptuous that phrase is.

Ms. White needs to withdraw from any role in government.

Jack Moline, Alexandria