Catherine Rampell’s Jan. 29 op-ed, “Try as he might, Trump can’t save the coal industry,” about President Trump’s ill-conceived attempt to save the coal industry, was, as usual for her, a great, factually perfect and totally honest piece — with one exception. The article seemed to imply that Mr. Trump really, truly and sincerely cares about saving jobs, restoring community and providing help to the “forgotten ones.” This is highly doubtful as there is no history that Mr. Trump ever cared about the coal industry.

Loudly trying to salvage what is left of a doomed industry is simply a vehicle for him to try to score political points within his omnipresent base. In his usual atavistic way, the hope is that he will garner support from those who refuse to believe that most things change over time. Industries, people, demographics, cars, taste in clothes, movies, food, etc., evolve. Mr. Trump may get some votes by trying to travel back in time, but the problem with time machines is that they only work in movies — not in coal country.

David I. Sommers, Kensington