Regarding the Feb. 8 front-page article “Trump’s clubs charged Secret Service top rates”:

President Trump’s greed and hypocrisy were neatly exposed. He profits personally as he gouges U.S. taxpayers, demanding exorbitant fees for the Secret Service’s accommodations at his properties while agents work to protect him and his family. This goes on while Mr. Trump’s campaign blithely ignores requests from cities including El Paso and Lebanon, Ohio, to be reimbursed for local security costs arising from Mr. Trump’s visits.

Further, his administration declines to provide all required information on costs regarding his Secret Service detail — outrageous! Draining the swamp should begin with ousting this freeloader in chief.

Virginia Pass, Silver Spring

It would be beneficial if someone could produce some graphics to demonstrate how the Trump administration’s Secret Service expenses (and executive branch expenses, in general) compare with those of previous administrations.

I am definitely not happy that President Trump is essentially pocketing taxpayer money whenever he travels to his properties. The idea that the prices at the properties are inflated and his expenses are much higher than those of previous presidents compounds the insult. As a taxpayer, I want to understand exactly how significant this problem is.

It would also be nice to have an aggregate estimate of how much taxpayer money has gone directly to Mr. Trump. Voters on both sides of the aisle should be interested in these numbers.

Christine Gallati, Media, Pa.