Chuck Park chose the correct course of action in resigning from the Foreign Service when he determined he could not faithfully carry out his oath to serve our nation [“I quit the ‘Complacent State,’  ” op-ed, Aug. 9]. He has no place in a disciplined service.

Under our Constitution, authority over foreign affairs rests with the president. No other formulation can ensure the unity of vision and purpose needed to defend our nation and people. That is not to say the Foreign Service doesn’t have an important role to play. We are tasked with providing the best advice to the secretary of state and the president, based on the knowledge, experience and intuition we gain over years of service in distant lands. But the president makes the calls.

President Trump was duly elected, and he deserves the full and enthusiastic support of those privileged enough to serve our nation in the executive branch. Sadly, in resigning, Mr. Park damaged and demeaned the foundation on which the service is built.

Mr. Park belonged to a disciplined service that asks a lot from its members — and gives a lot in personal satisfaction in return.

Dennis K. Hays, Reston

The writer is a former Foreign Service officer, ambassador to Suriname and president
of the American Foreign Service Association.