Regarding the Dec. 26 editorial “Too many secrets”:

Since 2008, I have tried to get the CIA to release 50-year-old secrets about my father, Paul Scott, who was a nationally syndicated columnist. He was illegally wiretapped by the agency in 1963, and only heavily redacted memos were released in 2007 in the CIA’s “Family Jewels” document. This is a case where the government has failed to account for its activities.

In my attempt to gain access to my father’s file, I have worked diligently within the system. I have filed Freedom of Information and mandatory-declassification-review requests and appeals. I have sought assistance from not-well-known government agencies such as the Office of Government Information Services, the Office of Information Policy, the Information Security Oversight Office and the Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel (ISCAP). After nearly five years, my case now awaits review by ISCAP.

As the Public Interest Declassification Board concluded, and the editorial reiterated, “America’s classification system ‘keeps too many secrets and keeps them too long.’ ”

Jim Scott, Arnold