It was my impression that letters to the editor were screened to eliminate those which merely regurgitated talking points from one of the major parties. That being the case, I was disappointed to see two nearly identical letters about Mitt Romney’s tax returns on Aug. 12 [“What’s fair and unfair in politics,” Letters, Aug. 12]. One from Mitt Romney’s communications director decried “attempts to distract voters from President Obama’s stark record of economic mismanagement.” The second, allegedly independent view on a similar issue called it an attempt “to divert attention from President Obama’s failed policies.” The fact that both of these letters were run would seem to indicate either that your screeners are not doing their job, or that Romney’s failure to release more tax returns is so indefensible that the best his supporters can do is try to change the topic. Using a tactic they just decried, they attempt to divert attention from what a majority of American’s see as an unfair tax code which allows the ultra wealthy to pay a lower portion of their income in taxes than the middle class. A situation which independent analysis says would become even more pronounced should proposals by Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan become law.

Beau Obetts, Annadale