Two Aug. 31 Metro articles painted different pictures of whether the District is a safe place to live. “D.C. rises to No. 7 in world’s safest cities index, up from 23rd two years ago” reported the results of the latest Economist Intelligence Unit report ranking 60 cities using an index of 57 indicators, including digital security, access to quality health care and disaster preparedness. According to the report, the District did a lot better because “our measures and methodology give us a better understanding of its strengths and weaknesses.”

One dead, six wounded following overnight and early-morning violence” told a different story. A 16-year-old boy was found shot dead. In five other incidents, “no one suffered serious injuries, but all of the victims were taken to hospitals.” All involved gunshot or stab wounds. A man and a woman were hit by bullets fired from a passing car. Police found a man with gunshot wounds. A woman eating dinner at her dining room table heard several shots, then discovered a bullet had hit her in the lower back. Police found 34 shell casings a couple blocks away. A man passing a small group of men was shot in the back. A woman was stabbed in the ribs by a man trying to rob her.

On the issue of whether the District is safe, the situation can look very different from an economist’s downtown suite than from a city street on a hot summer night.

Karl Polzer, Falls Church

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