Regarding the June 11 front-page article “A question of merit” and the June 12 news article “Virginia teen can remain in country”:

It was predictable but unfortunate that Heydi Mejia, an undocumented immigrant, had to make the front page of The Post to avoid immediate deportation. The United States is home to thousands of students just like Ms. Mejia. Since we can’t seem to fix the immigration problem, can The Post put all of them on Page 1 as well?

Richard Wildermann, Herndon


The article about Heydi Mejia’s recent graduation and imminent deportation (since delayed) was heartbreaking. But there are rules, and her mother broke the rules 14 years ago when she and her daughter entered the United States illegally.

My heart goes out to them; I’m sure they are fine people. But when you break the rules, there are — and should be — consequences.

Ashley Whitt, Woodbine, Md.


The article about the deportation proceedings for new high school graduate Heydi Mejia was heartbreaking. Since she was brought to this country from Guatemala at age 4, she has done nothing but prove to be a successful “citizen” and an outstanding student. She has dreams for her future in the only country she has ever known.

When will the members of Congress ever stop bickering and deal with this nation’s painful immigration issue?

Ms. Mejia deserves to stay and become a true U.S. citizen.

Ann Wild, Chevy Chase