The Post, in its Aug. 22 editorial “Any bargain is a bad bargain,” warned that compromising on Ukraine’s future would embolden Russian President Vladi­mir Putin. This came true in talks Tuesday between Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and Mr. Putin, when Mr. Putin made all of the demands of Ukraine, including taking the first steps to end the bloodshed in eastern Ukraine, as if Kiev were responsible for starting the violence [“Ukraine seizes Russian paratroopers on its territory,” World, Aug. 27]. There was no bloodshed until Mr. Putin’s covert proxy forces, with Russian-supplied military weapons, started the conflict.

The pro-Russia separatists paraded about 50 Ukrainian prisoners of war in Donetsk last weekend with their hands bound behind their backs, a violation of the Geneva Conventions . Now, Russian tanks and heavy artillery have entered the southeastern part of Ukraine.

Mr. Poroshenko’s hand in talks with Mr. Putin would be greatly strengthened if the West would assist in supplying critically needed weapons since Russia is supplying its covert proxy forces with equipment that includes highly sophisticated anti-aircraft weapons.

John Seneta, Fairfax