Thank you for the July 24 editorial “Tunnel vision,” about the sophisticated Hamas tunnels that burrow deep underground and extend into Israel proper. They are intended for surprise attacks to kill or kidnap unsuspecting Israeli civilians. According to the Israeli army, they are up to 100 feet deep, encased in concrete and booby-trapped.

Where does an impoverished land, with a severely deprived population, get the money and material to build so extensive an underground network? The answer is from double-faced Qatar, which hosts many American universities and which is now trying to broker a cease-fire on the condition that the blockade to Gaza be lifted. This makes sense for Hamas and Qatar but not for Israel.

Norma Fenves, Rockville

The editorial on Gaza’s tunnels ignored that Gaza is under blockade. Open the borders and allow for humanitarian supplies to enter, and the need for tunnels would become less pressing. Until that day comes, tunnels will be dug and rockets will continue to be smuggled through them. Solving the Gaza problem by killing civilians and destroying their lifelines won’t do: The stick alone never works; carrots are needed. Blaming Hamas — and only Hamas — for the conditions in Gaza is a half-truth.

Ayman Hakki, Washington