The May 7 front-page article “Official sought help for Benghazi” stated: “If Republicans in Congress succeed in portraying the administration’s response as feckless, the episode could dog any future political aspirations of Hillary Rodham Clinton, who was secretary of state when the attacks happened.”

I should think that Democrats and all Americans, regardless of their political affiliation, would be interested in the nature of the administration’s response to the attack on the diplomatic compound in Libya. Should the pursuit of truth (characterized as a portrayal in this story) be the interest of a single political party? And if the response of the Obama administration is shown, through testimony of diplomats present at the time of the attack, to indeed be “feckless,” then isn’t that a consequence Clinton should have to acknowledge and take responsibility for in any of her future pursuits?

Donna McNeil, Kensington

After listening to the testimony from State Department officials stationed in Libya regarding the facts surrounding the terrorist attack and slaying of the ambassador and other brave Americans in Benghazi, it was nice to open the May 9 Post and enjoy another “tasteful” cartoon from Tom Toles.

I think he set just the right partisan, cynical tone for the editorial page. After all, who but conniving Republican ideologues would have any interest in letting embassy officials testify before Congress as to what actually happened?

Dennis Foster, Charlottesville