I was offended that The Post provided a forum for the insidious campaign waged against Fojol Bros. [“For some, culinary shtick is hard to swallow,” Style, May 19] I’ve eaten at Fojol Bros., and it serves great food at a reasonable price. The employees have a little fun playing with the mythical city of “Merlindia.” How is that more offensive than Disney’s creative tale of Jasmine in the fictional Agrabah? Should I have been offended at the 7-Eleven today when I observed Mr. Patel, dressed in western attire, serving a chili dog not native to his ancestral homeland? It is tough working in fast food and tougher working on a food truck in the District. Do you begrudge those workers a little fun and sharing a smile with customers who are equally weary from the same old routine?

Fojol Bros. creates jobs and provides a meaningful service welcomed by their community. Their critics are cyberbullies who have not demonstrated they are able to provide a better alternative. If they can’t cut the mustard, they shouldn’t try to peddle that mush around here, and neither should The Post.

Michael McLaughlin, Springfield