The Post’s Sept. 29 front-page article “Amid spending fight, agencies go on their annual sprees” was unfair both to contracting officials struggling to do their jobs within an imperfect system and to the contractors that assist them while creating jobs within local economies.

The Post described the “lucrative” government system that requires agencies to spend allotted budgets by Sept. 30, and it focused on sensational purchases of artwork and ammunition. It provided no examples of important purchases — in areas, for example, including cybersecurity technology, where many such purchases had been thoroughly researched but were delayed for months by sequestration and continuing resolutions.

The Post also portrayed contractors as opportunistic without mentioning the significant financial risks they bear from shutdowns and budget cuts, or the substantial investments they make in personnel, training, technology and processes to transact government orders efficiently and correctly during these abnormal business cycles.

Art Richer, McLean

The writer is president of immixGroup, a government contractor.