George F. Will’s claim in his Jan. 25 op-ed column, “Bernie Sanders’s hurdles,” that Ralph Nader “cost” Al Gore the presidency in 2000 was reductive and misleading. Each of these factors was an independently sufficient cause of Mr. Gore’s loss: the electoral college (Mr. Gore received 543,895 more popular votes than George W. Bush); five Republican-appointed Supreme Court justices halted Florida’s recount; Florida’s Republican secretary of state improperly purged thousands of Democratic voters from the rolls; faulty ballots in several Florida counties cost Mr. Gore thousands more votes; 250,000 Florida Democrats voted for Mr. Bush; Mr. Gore lost his home state of Tennessee; and Mr. Gore lost then-President Bill Clinton’s home state of Arkansas.

By disregarding these factors and blaming Mr. Nader, Mr. Will perpetuated the anti-democratic myth that major-party candidates are the only legitimate contenders.

Oliver Hall, Washington

The writer is Ralph Nader’s lawyer.