The Aug. 21 news article “Parkland students release far-reaching gun-control plan” reported on a sweeping gun-control proposal from student activists from Parkland, Fla. I wish them success in creating a voting surge by young people. Already, in the short time since El Paso and Dayton, Ohio, hopes for action are leaking away, even in the area of background checks. To no one’s surprise, President Trump is reneging under the “pressure” of one phone call from the National Rifle Association, and the Republican response is the usual stony silence.

But young people are not the only ones who need to be reached. I am 90 years old and am living in a retirement community. I recently wrote and circulated among friends a gun-control proposal, enthusiastically endorsed, that was identical to that of the Parkland kids. Guns should be licensed, and there should be a mandatory federal buyback of assault weapons. Until we have fewer guns, nothing real will be accomplished. Both ends of the age spectrum know this is true, and so does the middle.

Jody Primoff, Catonsville