If ombudsman Patrick Pexton thinks The Post is unbiased [“The Post’s left-leaning endorsements,” Sunday Opinion, Nov. 4] in its endorsements, he needs to dig a little deeper.

Among the few endorsements The Post gives to Republicans, nearly all fall into the “doesn’t matter” category. Either the Republican is going to win regardless (think Rep. Frank Wolf in Virginia) or he is going to lose regardless (think Arlington County Board or D.C. Council races). The question Pexton should have looked at is, how often does The Post endorse a Republican in a race where the endorsement could make a difference?

And The Post’s record on presidential endorsements? Breathtaking! Mondale over Reagan — seriously?

If The Post were a university and Republicans were some disadvantaged minority, the case would be open and shut. If The Post claims to be independent, it is because it is unwilling to see its own bias.

Thomas F. Hafer, Arlington

In his otherwise insightful report from Mitt Romney’s election-night gathering [“Defeat of the 1 Percent,” op-ed, Nov 7], Dana Milbank cited Romney’s comment that, if elected, he would reward himself with another Weimaraner. Then, in a remark clearly intended to be disparaging of Romney’s wealth, Milbank noted that the Weimaraner is “a hunting dog once bred by European royalty.”

The comment was gratuitous. I wonder if Milbank has something against dogs in general, or just dogs owned by wealthy individuals. Had Romney said he would reward himself with a German shepherd, would Milbank have noted that that breed was the favorite of Germany’s rulers in the 1930s?

Boyd Bishop, McLean

Regarding the illustration on the cover of the Nov. 4 Election 2012 special section:

What a dubious distinction for West Virginia to be the only state not represented in the collection of election buttons. Perhaps its “Wild and Wonderful” reputation has caught up with it.

Benjamin Somers, Washington