Margie Bell’s Feb. 16 letter, “The downsides of added density,” mentioned preserving green space in response to Judith Collins and Chitra Kumar’s Feb. 11 letter, “A path to more affordable housing options,” which supported permitting duplexes and other multifamily housing in Arlington single-family neighborhoods. But there is another reason to object to zoning changes: a long-standing promise by Arlington County to preserve Arlington’s single-family neighborhoods in exchange for concentrating dense development around the Metro corridors, as well as the less well-known intent to preserve green space to offset such intensified development. In fact, the Arlington County Board has just identified multiple green parks to the Arlington Public Schools for potential use as school sites.

“Upzoning” to multifamily housing would destroy even more neighborhood green space on the completely unsubstantiated assertion that somehow that would preserve other “offsetting” green space beyond the exurbs that is, for many Arlington residents, practically inaccessible. It is far more likely the proposed conversion of single-family housing to duplexes, etc., would drive up the prices of remaining homes, compelling young Arlington families to leave our community to find more affordable single-family homes in those very rural areas that some advocates of increased density in our single-family neighborhoods claim will somehow be preserved.

Rick Epstein, Arlington