The Jan. 3 front-page article “Start of Tysons retrofit hasn’t quieted skeptics” reinforced my concern that slick planners have successfully sold us an unworkable utopian plan which Fairfax County is hoping to impose on unsuspecting automobile commuters from Loudoun County and elsewhere. As Supervisor Pat Herrity (R-Springfield) was quoted as saying: “We’re trying to create utopia through regulation.” There is no question that someday the Tysons area will become the pedestrian friendly metropolis envisioned by the urban planners. But until the county figures out how to impose a walkable street grid on reluctant private property owners without disruptive condemnation procedures, “dreadful road congestion” will reign supreme.

Greenfield” construction of a Brasilia, Dubai or Songdo, South Korea, is quite different from attempting to overlay a new street grid on an established cosmopolitan center comprised of multiple, perhaps uncooperative, property owners. Standby for years of parking hassles, congestion and litigation.

John Lucas, Vienna