The Washington Post Magazine’s Rock Creek Park issue [July 13] included “Crunched,” a comparison between Rock Creek Park and New York’s Central Park. Putting aside the question of whether that again underscores our city’s inferiority complex when it comes to New York, the comparison incorrectly stated that there are only two Metro stops near Rock Creek Park: Woodley Park and Cleveland Park. But the writers overlooked a third Metro station. That station, Van Ness-UDC, is the most convenient for the picnic areas near Peirce Mill at the bottom of Tilden Street NW. As an inhabitant of Forest Hills who lives about half a mile from that station and a mile or so from the stables shown in the Date Lab feature, I can testify that the Van Ness-UDC station is pretty convenient to the park. And it’s only steps from two grocers, where you can pick up picnic supplies on the way there.

Adam C. Sloane, Washington

Thank you for the beautiful focus on Rock Creek in the July 13 Washington Post Magazine. But the magazine should have covered the whole creek, because then it might have paid attention to the endangered amphipod species whose habitats will be disrupted by the construction of the Purple Line crossing Rock Creek near the D.C. line. And it might have pictured the handsome trestle bridge now at that crossing that will be torn down, along with all the adjacent trees. In both instances, the “serenity and serendipity” of that section of Rock Creek will be gone.

Mary Rivkin, Bethesda

The writer is on the Board of the Friends of the Capital Crescent Trail.