In its March 13 editorial “No more ‘One City,’ ” The Post suggested that Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D) played the race card when he said during his “State of the District” address, “To some in our city, I’m just another corrupt politician from the other side of town.” The Post not only misconstrued the mayor’s comments, it also completely ignored the forward-leaning initiatives and positive “One City” messages in his speech.

I know of nothing in Mr. Gray’s background to merit such a charged accusation. Mr. Gray’s professional history and record of civic leadership have consistently been marked by efforts to bring people together and to improve the quality of life for everyone in the city.

It is despicable and sad that the editorial board felt it necessary to take a racially divisive tack to influence a D.C. election. You do not have to be an African American “from the other side of town” to find this blatantly offensive. The board can do better.

Robert Vinson Brannum, Washington

The writer is a former chairman of the Ward 5 Democrats and former president of the D.C. Federation of Civic Associations.