For 2014, I would like higher taxes.

My family isn’t wealthy, but we aren’t facing the difficulties I see so many of my neighbors in the commonwealth facing.

I have watched governments in both Richmond and Washington slash the protections that our system provides for those left behind by the modern economy. I have watched class sizes in my children’s schools increase each year. I have seen dedicated and compassionate public employees forced to give up benefits they not only were promised but had earned. And I have had enough of it.

I want to pay higher taxes, and with them, fund the public good for myself and my neighbors through our government. I want to pay higher taxes for smaller class sizes. I want to pay higher taxes for a secure long-term safety net. I want to pay higher taxes to fund the benefits my neighbors, who are public employees, have earned.

I call upon the Virginia General Assembly to tax me and fund these needs that we, the public, have. I call upon Congress to do the same.

I am willing to pay, and I am happy to do so.

Evan Macbeth, Leesburg

The writer is the immediate past chair of the Loudoun County Democratic Committee.