Regarding the Oct. 5 Metro article “High court to hear Va. pipeline dispute”:

Can Virginia resist the Atlantic Coast Pipeline? Yes, we will. In the epilogue to her memoir “Year of the Monkey,” Patti Smith chronicles profound losses she has suffered and follows the list with this: “Yet still I keep thinking that something wonderful is about to happen.”

Environmentalists and concerned citizens have battled the Atlantic Coast Pipeline since it was proposed, and some have endured seemingly insurmountable losses. We have watched democracy erode as Dominion Energy has purchased the support of elected officials and appointees. We have watched the governor rig the water and air permitting processes and join the president’s embrace of fracked gas. Our attorney general has ignored the plight of Union Hill and the environmental racism implicit in siting the compressor station. We have lost trust in the state police as they protect pipeline proponents and employees over the citizens whose land and livelihoods are being destroyed. We have lost our inner security and peace of mind.

Yet we will win this fight. Protesters have stymied the project, allowing the zeitgeist to shift in our favor. Our children are flooding the streets to save their future as politicians pledge to refuse Dominion’s influence. Even if the Supreme Court sides with Dominion on this case, the project faces myriad court challenges. The improving profitability of renewable energy sources counters Dominion’s moral bankruptcy as it is now planning wind infrastructure on a significant scale. The people will win.

Georgianne Stinnett, Richmond