Regarding Petula Dvorak’s Jan. 23 Metro column, “The absurd reality of child-care costs”:

President Obama’s proposal for an expansion of the Child Care and Development Fund will, unfortunately, be fought by Republicans every step along the way. I am a graphic designer who has been self-employed for the better part of 40 years.

I found out I was pregnant with my son the day that Ronald Reagan was elected president. Mr. Reagan’s policies marked the beginning of the economy that required both partners in a couple to have to go to work — it was no longer optional. I said then and I still say that we needed a national child-care system.

I paid for child care and nursery school and after-school programs for my two children (now 33 and 30 years old). I worked at home to avoid the expense of an office. However, there were many months I “paid to be in business” and was under water.

Women and men who have high child-care costs and other needs involving economic justice must show up on Election Day to ensure a Congress that can work with the president to accomplish needed change. It is unconscionable that 36 percent of eligible voters gave us a House and Senate that will fight the president on everything that working Americans need to succeed and everything that would make the country successful as well. Where were the voters in 2014?

Judith Barrett, Alexandria