The recent, confusing development in Virginia’s photo identification requirements for voters carries even more serious implications than the bleak picture described in The Post’s Aug. 15 editorial “The GOP’s war on voters.”

The new regulation will unnecessarily burden some 200,000 Virginians by requiring them to obtain a photo ID before voting. Those holding an ID that expired more than a year before the election will need to replace it or obtain a free Virginia voter photo ID. Many election officials opposed efforts to narrow the range of valid IDs, and the League of Women Voters will be monitoring citizens’ experience with the regulation’s implementation.

The regulation tramples the rights of voters, particularly those from underrepresented groups and unnecessarily burdens our hardworking election officers. Instead of focusing on keeping the polls running smoothly, they will have to spend time scrutinizing IDs and expiration dates.

Anne Sterling, Richmond

The writer is president of the League of Women Voters of Virginia.