After reading “Let Virginia pass good legislation to end gerrymandering in 2020,” the Feb. 14 letter from Sherry Blanton, who leads the voting rights group Herndon-Reston Indivisible, I can only ask: Don’t the progressive Northern Virginia activists understand that the pendulum swings? Ms. Blanton supports passage of legislation to reform redistricting in Virginia rather than the proposed constitutional amendment moving through the state legislature. It has taken decades to get to a point at which the political parties won’t be able to use gerrymandering as their personal playground. Among the things the amendment would do is ensure that there won’t be mid-decade redistricting if that pendulum does swing back in the next election or the one after that. The constitutional amendment will do what legislation cannot. 

We are at a juncture in our democracy where the desire of individual political parties to protect what they have in the present is not the best solution to keeping our democracy in the future. Virginia has a real chance to be a model for other states looking to ensure that citizens choose who their representatives will be. Let’s not wait another decade for fairness in our state.

Elaine Braverman, Arlington