It’s good to know that Donald Trump is planning to transform the old Post Office Building on Pennsylvania Avenue NW into a super-luxurious hotel at nightly rates that will no doubt exceed a month’s income for many Americans [“The Old Post Office, re-imagined,” Metro, Sept. 11]. We don’t want travelers to get the impression that this is a fleabag town.

It has been reported that Mr. Trump may also be interested in applying his transformational magic to the nearby FBI building, destined for abandonment in favor of modern facilities elsewhere.

We must bow to his superior knowledge of the market for gilded hostelries. But a thought intrudes: In addition to the first-class and limousine set that comes to Washington for its many attractions, so do many students and families of limited financial means. Without impinging too much on the needs of the Trump market, perhaps that capacious FBI building might be reworked into a modestly priced facility to meet their needs. Such a decision will not relegate the well-heeled to park benches. Moreover, with government relentlessly shrinking, another big federal building will surely become available in no time at all for quick conversion to luxury status.

Daniel S. Greenberg, Washington