Regarding Alexandra Petri’s June 14 op-ed column, “We don’t have to watch the World Cup. We’re Americans”:

I can offer only disappointment for such an effort to degrade the importance of this soccer tournament by describing “the beautiful game” as a waste of time, a nuisance and “un-American.”

Petri has apparently forgotten that we describe this country as the ultimate melting pot of people from different countries and cultures. As Americans, we should see the World Cup as a representation of our diverse culture and, at the very least, enjoy the exuberance and excitement from true fans, regardless of who is playing. Considering the strife that occurs daily across the world, maybe Petri should have focused on the power of the World Cup and how it brings people together in a peaceful, meaningful way.

Thankfully, the U.S. men’s team doesn’t feel the same way and is willing to put in the time and effort to represent our country. Certainly it deserves our utmost attention while they take on the rest of the world over the next couple of weeks.

Ryan Sasse, Washington

I know the World Cup is consuming the world at the moment, but Alexandra Petri was spot-on with her courageous enumeration of the reasons she cares not a whit about the event. She and I join others who find soccer as engaging as pulling weeds. We’re out of the closet. Bravo.

I sometimes hear that I am in a slim minority and should enjoy the game with the overwhelming number of rabid fans worldwide. So what? World Cup fans, enjoy your games, but please do it quietly so I can watch the Nationals.

Robert E. Klein, Gainesville