“THEN HE WOULD RAPE HER” [front page, Nov. 11]. Now there’s a post-election headline. I cannot believe that you devoted nearly four full pages in the Sunday A section to the degenerate criminal known as the East Coast Rapist.

Frankly, I don’t care about this man’s background, motives, methods of attack, etc. Nor do I care that he was “street smart, tough and physically chiseled.”

This man will haunt the nightmares of his victims for the rest of their lives.

What has happened to your sense of values? The front page? This man deserves no more than a paragraph on Page A24, most of which could describe the hopefully miserable conditions in which he will spend the rest of his life.

Tom Frye, Laytonsville

I was upset that The Post saw fit to give the premier front-page space Nov. 11 to the accused East Coast Rapist.

Did no one remember that Nov. 11 was the anniversary of the end of World War I? It would have been much more pleasant to read an article honoring our local veterans rather than this interminable piece about someone who committed a series of one of the most despicable crimes.

The rapist’s story would have been more appropriately placed in the Metro section. Better yet, if it needed to be printed, couldn’t it have waited until another day of the week?

Sue L. Thompson,

Montgomery Village

I am a regular reader of newspapers, particularly The Post. I encourage my children to read the paper, and they do.

Can you guys help me out when you decide how and what to run on the front page? Sunday is a time for many families to be together, to share and discuss life. I found the bold headline on the article about the East Coast Rapist, along with the angry photo and center front-page placement, to be overwhelming and in my face.

Where is an interesting, positive story for the Sunday front page? I know the accused rapist’s story is news and should be reported, but in this fashion, I found it offensive and, frankly, scary. It should have been presented in less of a tabloid fashion.

Timothy M. Wessel, Silver Spring