Robert J. Samuelson’s May 12 op-ed column, “There’s still no fix for climate change,” hit the issue on the button. It is not about science, opinions, even politics. It’s about economics, who we are and if we will survive.

There are no serious scientific climate/global change “deniers.” They are agnostics , saying “prove it to me.” Prove there are changes in our earthly environment? The footprints — from shrinking Arctic sea ice to acidic oceans to diminishing species — are there.

Yes, catastrophic changes in our climate, weather patterns and planet have happened before. What is different this time is we are conscious of what is happening, why and what is our possible future. T. Rexes saw an asteroid and a fire and ran for their lives. They did not survive.

The Earth will survive. We do not have to worry about saving the Earth; we have to be concerned about saving ourselves. Personally, I do not wish to be a T. Ryan in some museum 2 million years from now.

Bob Ryan, McLean

The writer is a retired meteorologist.