Regarding former FBI director James B. Comey’s Feb. 2 op-ed, “The United States will not fall apart”:

This corruption is matched by other difficult times. There are deeply consequential differences. This time it is the fabric of our government that is being destroyed. The Republican partisan vote to deny witnesses and evidence has forever altered the way we will proceed with our system of courts. Any impeachment trial can go forward without direct knowledge testimony. Obstruction is no longer wrong. A president can claim whatever privilege he or she wants. The system of checks and balances has been broken by blind allegiance to an unscrupulous president.

We will likely return to the center. But we cannot stay silent and complacent until that happens. We must speak out and we must vote. Because this is what happens when we stop paying attention.

J.L. Goiran, Portland, Maine

James B. Comey attempted to reassure us that our country is not headed to dissolution. I hope he is right. I experienced the same events and crises that he discussed in his article — and was often worried about the direction our democracy was headed. But through all of it, I didn’t lose faith because I was sure that truth and those who respected the truth would ultimately prevail. In the current environment, truth is not respected — even the lies are not consistent — and those who espouse or pursue the truth are berated and threatened. No, Mr. Comey, these times are different and more dangerous.

Steve Sadler, North Potomac