Anderson Cooper attends the 13th annual CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute in New York on Dec. 8, 2019. (Jason Mendez/Invision/AP)

I applaud Catherine Rampell for her Dec. 31 op-ed, “New Year’s resolutions for the media.” I think with all the news that comes at us on a daily basis, much of it confusing or frustrating or both, we need help from the journalists who report it. I am so often in disbelief that things the president says or tweets are presented as if our political world is normal and telling the truth is not constantly in question.

We need journalists to lead the way with their reporting now more than ever. We count on their guidance and clairvoyance. Without them, we are lost. As The Post’s front page says, “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

Jackie Anderson, McLean

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