The May 29 Metro story “Paucity of cars on ICC is praised, criticized” opened an old wound for me.

Members of the Olney community, as well as residents of Derwood and many neighborhoods in Silver Spring, have for years voiced our staunch opposition to the Intercounty Connector. We have a long history of letters stating our concerns about noise, pollution, safety and threats to the many neighborhoods it borders and, in some cases, has destroyed. We politely told the Maryland Transportation Authority that the tolls were way too high and that they would discourage use. Now it appears “we told you so!”

I live in Norbeck Meadows, approximately a mile from the ICC, and vehemently oppose — as do many folks here in my neighborhood — raising the road’s speed limit. Increased noise, further degradation of air quality and safety concerns caused by speeding are very real and valid concerns. As The Post’s article noted, many communities are already inundated with noise from this road, and Harold Bartlett, the authority’s executive secretary, admits that increasing the speed limit would save only 11 / 2 minutes on a drive down the full ICC. Perhaps Mr. Bartlett will listen to us this time.

Norbeck Meadows is slowly learning how to live with this monstrosity of a road in our back yard. Please do not cause us any more pain. Fifty-five mph is appropriate, and to think otherwise is utter madness.

Matt Zaborsky, Rockville

The writer is immediate past president of the Greater Olney Civic Association and vice president of Norbeck Meadows Civic Association.