Kathleen Parker would have us believe that the media attention paid to Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis was somehow undeserved or inappropriate [“The sainthood of Wendy Davis,” op-ed, July 3]. What Ms. Parker does not seem to comprehend is why Ms. Davis is a hero to women like me who have undergone an abortion after 20 weeks of gestation.

The heartbreaking aspect of my termination due to fetal anomaly led me to become an advocate for choice. I have shared my story many times with legislators in my state, not for fame, money or power, but to shatter the stereotype of abortion, to show that abortion is never a black-or-white issue and to speak on behalf of those whose fear of judgment does not allow them to share.

Polls may show lower public support for abortion past the first trimester, as Ms. Parker cited, but my experience in sharing my story has been that many people haven’t been exposed to enough dialogue from real women. Thanks to Ms. Davis, some of these painful and complicated stories are finally being heard. Although some people might be more comfortable with women being barefoot and pregnant, Ms. Davis’s red running shoes and passion for choice make her a true role model for women. 

Christie Brooks, Fredericksburg