Regarding Kathleen Parker’s June 11 op-ed column, “Armed and dead”:

I’m a 95-year-old mother of three sons, and I’m tired of hearing about our constitutional right to carry guns. Is everyone stupid enough to believe our forefathers would have included that right if they could have imagined how easy it has become to take out a gun and fire numerous shots without reloading? Our nation has become a bunch of Wild West cowboys who give no thought to consequences.

I hate to think what the United States will become if lawmakers don’t start using common sense and make laws that are for the people and not for the greedy few who think only of how to make more money. It’s time for someone to research how many home invasions were prevented by guns and how many innocent kids and others were killed because someone with a gun could take the law into his or her own hands.

Virginia E. Buchan, Mechanicsville