chief executive Carl Ferrer, left, and former owner Michael Lacey on Capitol Hill on Jan. 10 after a hearing about Backpage and online sex trafficking. (Cliff Owen/Associated Press)

I do not recall ever being as cheered by a news article as I was upon reading the exposé on the advertisements [“Backpage contractor created and lured sex ads,” front page, July 12]. And I wholeheartedly hope for similar prosecutions of the cohorts of corporate criminal centurions who live by exploitation.

But what of the legions of mercenary employees who implement the ghastly policies, perfectly aware of the appalling perfidy? They skate? “I was just following orders” doesn’t cut it anymore. I understand poverty and the need for employment, income and sustenance. And I know that the poor, sometimes, must steal, and I am okay with that — to a point. We shoot rhino poachers on sight.

Leonard Kuentz, Gaithersburg