The Sept. 17 Washington Post Magazine article "The Fixer-Upper" glorified Douglas Development and characterized its founder as a hero for rapidly gentrifying the District. Yet it made no mention of the effect the company has had on rapidly displacing low-income communities, largely made up of African Americans and immigrants, in areas such as Shaw, Chinatown and Ivy City. Douglas Development has largely failed to create affordable housing or opportunities for small, local and minority-owned businesses.

Housing prices have skyrocketed and low-income housing is being obliterated because of developers such as Douglas. The District also has the highest homelessness rate among major U.S. cities. Douglas Development apparently has not considered the needs of low-income and minority residents in its development decisions, nor has it meaningfully consulted the communities in which it develops.

The article failed to mention these important facts and disrespected the history of many of D.C.'s longtime residents, many of whom can no longer afford to live in the District.

Eva Seidelman, Washington