President Obama acknowledged that the families of American and Italian hostages killed in January drone strikes by the CIA deserve to know the truth [“Obama: ‘Regret’ for hostages’ deaths,” front page, April 24]. His demonstration of transparency was a welcome step, but U.S. acknowledgment of killings should not be limited to U.S. and European citizens. The Pakistani and Yemeni families who have lost their loved ones to U.S. drone strikes — including the grandchildren of a woman killed while she was picking vegetables in fall 2012 — deserve to know the truth, too. With this double standard, the United States is creating the ugly appearance that it will meet the deaths of U.S. and European citizens with empathy and regret while meeting the deaths of non-Westerners with a stubborn, indifferent silence.

Naureen Shah, Washington

The writer is director of Amnesty International USA’s security and human rights program.