A young man from Cornell set the standard for college wrestling by winning his fourth championship in his fourth weight class. Penn State dominated to win its third straight title. Three local schools — Virginia Tech, Virginia and Maryland — produced seven All-Americans. Virginia Tech finished in the top 10 — and no mention in the sports pages once again.

A little more than a month ago, The Post carried a front-page article on local wrestler Kyle Snyder [“Wrestling prodigy’s Olympic dream in jeopardy,” Feb. 16], along with articles on the International Olympic Committee’s decision to drop wrestling. Is it any wonder, given the sparse coverage by The Post’s sports pages, that no one seems to know that wrestling is thriving at the collegiate and prep level? An average of 32,000 fans per day attended the three-day championship, and many in The Post’s coverage area would have liked to have read a recap of the event. Surely The Post could have grabbed a news feed from somewhere to update us while sacrificing a couple of inches from that other tournament, couldn’t it?

Malcolm D. Wilson,

Silver Spring