Regarding Thomas Boswell’s Dec. 31 front-page column, “Redskins seem intent on testing the limits of a city’s devotion”:

I was born in the District and lived there for 61 years before moving to Colorado four years ago. Like so many Washingtonians, the Washington Redskins have been a hugely important part of my life. Despite where I now live, I could never root for the Denver Broncos.

Through the amazing success of Snyder Communications, Redskins owner Dan Snyder proved that he knows how to be a successful marketing executive. Through 15 football seasons, Mr. Snyder has also proved that being the owner of a successful NFL team is not in his skill set. There is no shame in that.  

I believe that Mr. Snyder loves Washington and the Redskins. But after failing at one job for 15 years, a reasonable person would move on to a different challenge.  

Preston Padden, Boulder, Colo.

The Dec. 31 edition of The Post was filled with articles attempting to explain what’s gone wrong with Washington’s football team and who is to blame. Is it the Shanahans? Dan Snyder? The offense, defense or special teams? All of the above? Perhaps. But as a play on the famous phrase, I say, “It’s the name, stupid.” Until its offensive name is changed, the team will be cursed with losing seasons.

Warren Milberg, Annandale

Concerning the Redskins fiasco, can you trade an owner?

Paul Coppola, Washington

Dan Snyder needs to do a much better job when he negotiates the contract of the next Redskins coach. Former coach Mike Shanahan’s contract should have read something like this: $7 million for a Super Bowl win, reduced to maybe 50 grand for a 3-13 season.  

Ed Grainger, Stephens City